Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Once your business is established, there is certain work product, such as trade secrets, logos, and trademarks, which are unique to your company and require protection. Since your brand could be significantly damaged or otherwise compromised if such work product is used by a third party without your authorization, protecting your intellectual property is a must. Hiring an attorney with experience in intellectual property law can help protect your rights.

Intellectual Property Litigation

If your intellectual property is being used by another party without your authorization, you have the right to seek remedies in court. The litigation process is designed to ensure you get a fair hearing and that your property is protected from unauthorized use. At Grimland Law, we protect business owners from inappropriate use of their logos, names, work product, or other intellectual property to ensure their business is not harmed. Whether your company name, blog posts, website content or any other intellectual property is being used without your permission, we can help defend and protect your rights and prevent further damage to your business.

Copyright Applications

Before someone can file a lawsuit against someone who has infringed on their intellectual property rights, they must have protected their rights. In some cases, this means filing the appropriate paperwork to protect their work under the U.S. Copyright Act. The application process for a copyright can feel burdensome and a simple mistake made on the application can cause serious delays which may put your intellectual property at risk. Whether you need help with the copyright process for internal work such as a database, spreadsheet, or computer program or your intellectual property will be public such as a blog, website, or video game, Grimland Law can help you with the necessary paperwork.

Trademark Applications – State & Federal

Your business name, company logo, or domain name may require protection as a trademark. However, before filing for this protection, you must ensure it is sufficiently unique and eligible for trademark. Except for in the District of Columbia, you may also be required to file a state-level trademark application after your federal application has been filed. Trademark applications have certain deadlines that must also be adhered to which can cause additional confusion.

Your intellectual property is important to your business, your branding, and your marketing efforts. Before you can force another party to not infringe on these rights, there is a legal process that must be followed at both state and federal levels by either filing for trademark or copyright protection. If you are ready to register your state or federal trademark, or apply for copyright protection, contact Grimland Law immediately.

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