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Whether you are investing in a commercial property or you are purchasing a new home, working with a real estate attorney can help save you headaches at various times during the process. Too often, those investing in property are unaware of the Florida statues that govern both residential property rentals, commercial lease agreements, or statutes that dictate how landlord/tenant disputes are handled. Grimland Law has experience handing a broad range of real estate legal matters in Florida.

Lease Agreements

The more specific a lease agreement, the more protection is offered. When a lease contains any language which may be interpreted multiple ways, there can be disputes that may wind up being litigated. Before signing a residential, or commercial lease agreement, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney who understands Florida’s landlord/tenant law. Clauses pertaining to rights of entry, security deposits, and extensions of lease terms must be crafted properly. Contact Grimland Law if you need legal assistance related to a lease agreement; we can help protect your rights.

Tenant Evictions

When a landlord wishes to remove a tenant from their property, there is a specific legal process which must be followed. Having an attorney working with you from the start of this process can help ensure you do not make costly errors during this process. Landlords must have legally valid reasons to begin the eviction process such as a violation of lease terms. Landlords must provide specific notices in Florida to begin the eviction process. For example, a non-payment of rent eviction requires three days’ notice while a violation of lease terms requires seven days. Only after these notices are provided to the tenant can attorney landlord proceed to the county courthouse for relief.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Tenants and landlords often disagree on issues such as pest control, property repairs, and even entry to the property. Generally, these issues are covered under the terms of the lease agreement. However, when a dispute arises that the parties cannot resolve, legal assistance may be necessary. When you find yourself involved in a dispute that may require legal intervention, you can count on Grimland Law for assistance.

There are numerous legal issues that can occur when dealing with residential and commercial property, particularly when the property is being leased to a third party. Grimland Law has experience representing clients with a variety of real estate issues. When you need help with lease agreements, landlord-tenant disputes, or the legal process of eviction, contact Grimland Law.

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